Outsourced lawyer - virtual meetings

We have found our clients to be keen to embrace innovative and different communications techniques that helps the efficiency of their businesses. As a ‘virtual company’ LegalRoad is always assessing online communications systems to effectively deliver quality online video conferencing and cost-effective telecommunications facilities to our clients. 95% of our clients enjoy the ongoing convenience of not having to journey to meetings and appreciate the easy-to-use technology and the faster turnaround times attributed to online virtual communications.

What do you need for a video call?

1. Hardware.

The first thing you need for a video call is computer hardware. You are likely to have this hardware already as most modern phones and laptops come complete with a camera, microphone and speakers. This is all you need to conduct a video call. If you own an older PC or laptop then you may need to purchase a webcam for video and a headset to hear and speak.

2. Internet connection.

If you are running off a laptop you will need to have an internet connection. If you have a phone you can run a call off your data connection but beware of data charges (Data charging is the amount charged to a mobile phone account for data access, which in most cases refers to Internet-based data.)

3. Software

There are now many popular pieces of software that can be used to conduct video calls. A lot of these software downloads also offer multi-participants.  These are the video software packages we have embraced –



Zoom is our go-to tool for virtual meetings. Zoom is a live cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to ‘virtually’ meet with others. Either by video or audio, or both. Over half of Fortune 500 companies reportedly used Zoom in 2019. Zoom has the flexibility for you to achieve everything you need with us in a video call.

Zoom –

  1. Hosts one-to-one meetings. This is useful to clients who may be individuals or couples using the same laptop or phone to attend the virtual meeting with us.
  2. Hosts group conferences of up to 100 people on the same call. This is extremely useful to clients who require simultaneous impute from several different attendees for their matters and particularly when some of the attendees are situated in different countries.
  3. Provides screen-sharing facilities to enable all attendees of the meeting to contribute to the relevant documentation in real time.
  4. Provides multi-platform accessibility compatible to Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS
  5. Does not require you to register for an account. You will receive a meeting ID and a password from us so that you can simply login and begin your meeting at the agreed scheduled time and from wherever you may be situated at the time.
  6. Has the ability for you to mute your microphone so if you needed to speak to your colleague of partner in private you can do so.
  7. Also gives you the capability to turn off your camera if you would prefer to.

Other software –

LegalRoad is also able to offer clients access to other software channels for your virtual meetings. These include Google Meet, Google DUO and even House party if need be.