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Our Legal Outsourcing Services assists a range of start-up business models from seasoned entrepreneurs from corporate backgrounds, through to university spin-outs and other student enterprises.

We truly understand the challenges faced by start-ups as this is the time when specialist legal advice and support is most urgently required but also usually happens to be the time when financial resources are most scarce.

Kick-Off Start-up Package: £2,000 excl. VAT

This Start-up package covers all your initial legal documentation needs to enable you to legitimately set up and commence your new business as a company –

1. Kick-Off start up package
Company Formation & Registration Companies House document filings Shareholders' Agreement
Directors' Service Agreement Co-Founder Agreement Articles of Association
Board Resolutions Board Minutes Investment Schemes including EMI, SEIS, & EIS

One Off payment

£ 2,000 one off payment
  • Start-Up Package
  • Single Payment

Monthly payment

£ 375 Monthly
  • Start-Up Package
  • 6 Monthly Payments

How we make a difference?

We understand start-up business’ have an extremely difficult time of balancing quality legal impute with their bootstrapping budgets. Beginning a business needs careful planning, not only for sales and marketing, but also to crucially ensure the legitimacy of the enterprise, its dealings and to eliminate the legal risks for a seedling company. Most new business owners make the biggest mistake of not engaging with legal services which frequently results in the start-up being derailed before it commences operations.

Start-up clients also benefit from our multinational bureau support where we are able to offer a comprehensive range of legal services to support your business needs in the UK via our London-based office and, in the EU from our bureau on the French Riviera.

assisting start-ups

LegalRoad provides start-ups with access to our in-house portfolio of qualified business and commercial lawyers on a fixed-fee basis for all your core-business start-up needs, as well as to provide you with all your legal support for your business strategies, challenges and disputes – be that onsite or on a virtual working basis.


trusted legal advice

Our portfolio of legal consultants includes qualified solicitors for England and Wales, New Zealand and Australia. Our lawyers have substantial international commercial and corporate experience in emerging and developing markets, including the UK, US, EMEA India and China and across diverse industries including telecom, technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, life sciences, defence and aerospace, automotive, energy, construction and government.

Wherever possible our goal is to provide you with solid legal advice on a fixed-fee arrangement to give you certainty to your legal costs, along with reasonable and flexible payment arrangements, to support the growth of your business during its start-up and scale up phases.


Our Flexible Solutions

Our Legal Outsourcing Services offer the following flexible Start-up Packages to provide legal advice and support to entrepreneurs for a broad range of legal matters –

1. Hiring Agreements

Depending on your businesses bespoke requirements we can draft a staff handbook and various employment and service contracts for –

Executive Directors Non-Executive Directors Employees
Consultants Freelancers

2. Initial business administration

Contract formation and contract management Private equity, venture capital and angel fundraising Mediation
The development of standard employment policies and HMRC-compliant employee benefit packages, including pensions, incentives, minimum wage, leave entitlements, part-time and flexible working Business immigration compliance, licence and visa applications and renewals Technology, information system and e-commerce developments with related risk management
The grant of leases and sub-leases of commercial property

3. Business Fundraising

Letter of intent Term sheet Share Subscription Agreement
Investment Agreement SEIS Application EIS Application
Deed of Adherence Filing Companies House Forms

4. Website & App development & legalities

Web/App concept & design Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy Terms of Business E-commerce
Commission Linking Agreement Consent Notices GDPR Compliance

5. Protecting your IP

Non-Disclosure Agreement Trademark (UK, EU, US, China) Patent (Worldwide)
IP Assignment Agreement Registering Designs

6. Building your business

Partnership Agreement Joint Venture Agreement Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Agreement Memorandum of Understanding Agency Agreement
Referral Agreement Licensing Agreement End-User Licence Agreement
Service Level Agreement

7. Commercial Property Spaces

Lease Agreement Construction Agreement Co-Working Agreement


All our clients under the Kick-Off Start-up Package immediately qualify for our special reduced rates on our range of bespoke Start-up Legal Assistance –

KICK-OFF: Hourly Package

£ 250 Hour
  • We will provide you with a quote

Bronze Package

£ 1,125 Monthly
  • 5 Hours included per month

Silver Package

£ 1,485 Monthly
  • 7 Hours included per month

Gold Package

£ 2,000 Monthly
  • 10 Hours included per month


A core benefit of working with us is that we can combine the commercial and flexible approach of an in-house lawyer with the solid support and quality essence of a proficient legal services company