With its head office in Surrey, Greater London, today, LegalRoad announced it had added Samsung SDS Europe to its corporate client list. 

Based in Weybridge, Greater London, Samsung SDS Europe is the European subsidiary of Samsung SDS, a global software solutions and IT services company. With a focus on driving business in a hyper-connected economy, Samsung SDSE provides software and solutions for enterprise mobility, security, analytics, and mobile sales and training for their customers in government, financial services, retail, and other sectors to help them increase productivity, safeguard assets and make smarter decisions.

Samsung SDSE made the move to manage its own legal affairs for the UK and Europe regions. After considering a range of legal companies, Samsung SDSE elected to work with LegalRoad with its provision of expert, innovative, and flexible legal ‘outsourcing services.’ LegalRoad is a well-established and rapidly emerging virtual cloud computing legal services company with offices in London and France. Through the effective use of the latest cyberspace technology, LegalRoad provides clients with direct access to a robust portfolio of internationally qualified lawyers on a ‘virtual’ working basis to improve productivity and turnaround times, provide genuine cost savings, and more recently support clients with their changing infrastructural needs due to the impact of Covid-19.

Samsung SDSE has contracted LegalRoad to provide a range of corporate and business non-reserved legal activities, to effectively manage their legal requirements within the UK and EU regions. “Our ‘outsourcing’ service is an exciting new cost-effective, and flexible corporate service which differentiates us from the rather traditional service offerings of the high-street law firm. We anticipated that leading executives would require maximised usage of today’s virtual digital innovations and communications to enjoy immediate access to a wide selection of legal experts, prompt turnaround times, and cost-effective deliveries in just a click,” said Mike Boulton, Managing Director for LegalRoad. “Our Legal Outsourcing Services are technology focussed via a multitude of online communication channels to provide businesses, employees, and contractors with the flexibility to work seamlessly together from any location of their choice while remaining in instant contact with each other from all four corners of the globe and without diluting the quality of the delivery.”

LegalRoad focuses on legal expertise and business innovation. Their portfolio of legal consultants includes qualified solicitors and legal experts for England & Wales, the EU, New Zealand, Australia, Ghana, and the Philippines. Their lawyers have substantial international commercial and corporate experience, including the UK, EU, US, EMEA, India, and China, and across diverse industries including telecom, technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, life sciences, defence and aerospace, automotive, energy, construction and government.

“Our growth in clients over the past few months demonstrates the increasing demand for our virtual legal services,” said Ian Duncan, Head of Legal Services for LegalRoad. “Market leaders appreciate businesses can successfully work on a ‘virtual’ basis with employees and consultants through the effective use of technology and the Internet. Over time we have built a reliable quality portfolio of legal experts. As a virtual company, our consultants can operate from where they wish and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. The quality of our people with their professional performance, talent, enthusiasm, and approach to humanity is why our clients like to work with us.”

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