LegalRoad welcomes Glide Student & Residential as a new client

The Glide group is the UK’s market-leader in utilities, broadband, connectivity and communication

Based in Somerset, England and with an annual income in excess of £50million, Glide is growing quickly with continued substantial investment into its own super-fast and reliable fibre infrastructure and an expanding footprint across the UK and Europe. Having picked up the award in the 2020 Annual UK Internet Industry Awards Glide offers its customers, consisting of students, residential developers and business, with a range of innovative connectivity and fully managed internet solutions.

  • The Glide Student Utility App provides an online platform to equally share the monthly bills for house utilities, broadband & TV licence utilities. Everyone pays their share from their bank account. Every housemate is equal. There’s no chief-bill payer. No awkward chats. No falling out over unpaid bills, just simple monthly payments.
  • The Glide Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™) is a full-fibre, landlord broadband solution that provides a fast and simple way to cable a building, specifically designed for the Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector and enables the provision of many smart technology services such as Wi-Fi controlled lighting and heating, door entry, CCTV, digital signage, smart metering, and SkyQ.
  • The Glide Residential offering provides a fully managed internet service and fully managed internet solutions for private rented residents from the cabling to launch and to ongoing 24/7/365 support.
  • The Glide fibre broadband, leased line & IP services designed for retail parks, business estates and serviced offices with Glide’s FTTP, FTTC and leased line solutions. Glide also offers first-class internet for private accommodation developers who need a network that can handle thousands of students streaming, connecting, browsing, gaming and downloading across multiple devices at once.

LegalRoad’s Managing Director, Mike Boulton said; “We are extremely excited to welcome Glide which is such an innovative and marketing leading technology group. I believe LegalRoad is an excellent match for Glide’s future growth aspirations as we are a virtual legal firm that has a proven track record of providing leading multinational and SME business with quality legal services, quickly and affordably for matters pertaining to the UK, Europe, US and territories further abroad.”

LegalRoad has been retained by Glide to provide legal support to their internal legal department for a range and business and commercial matters and with a keen eye on the territorial legislative changes within the UK and Europe with the recently ratified Brexit agreement. “LegalRoad is delighted to be able to work across Glide’s range of service and technology offerings,” said Ian Duncan, the Head of Legal Services, “this work will include compliance requirements for their electronic communications networks, telecommunications provisions and privacy issues for their supply of services to countries within the EU.”

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