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LegalRoad is a trusted strategic business adviser. Our portfolio of legal consultants includes qualified solicitors for England & Wales, New Zealand and Australia. Our lawyers have substantial international commercial and corporate experience in emerging and developing markets, including the UK, US, EMEA India and China, and across diverse industries including telecom, technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, life sciences, defence and aerospace, automotive, energy, construction and government.

How we make a difference?

Leading corporate companies have top-notch in-house legal departments to drive the broader business strategy and objectives. However, the financial effects of Covid-19 have placed considerable budget restraints upon legal departments with increased workloads while simultaneously having to contain risk for evolving regulatory environments and ensure outcomes achieve the desired results.

Our Legal Outsourcing Services assist corporate in-house legal teams to access our portfolio of legal consultants to oversee new capabilities, ad-hoc projects and provide specialised legal advice and support, as and when needed, with flexible and competitive pricing packages – onsite or on a ‘virtual’ working basis.

We develop an in-depth understanding of your business to maintain a beneficial long-term relationship to deliver cost-effective and tailor-made legal services. Through our tried and tested portfolio of premium business and commercial lawyers our Legal Outsourcing Service is able to provide you with a handpicked team of professional legal advisors to meet all your bespoke business needs and thereby contribute to your success through an innovative, professional and proactive legal service.

We work hard to understand your business and your organisational structure, as well as your commercial objectives, to ensure we provide you with the best legal solutions with added value and a positive impact.

Corporate clients also benefit from our multinational bureau support where we are able to offer a comprehensive range of legal services to support your business needs in the UK via our London-based office and, in the EU, from our bureau on the French Riviera.

assisting in-house legal teams to –

  • Review its role to ensure it supports the organisation’s core mission and provides adequate control to deliver a high-performing and scalable delivery to quickly tackle new business challenges.
  • Measure and report the in-house successes in relation to corporate and functional objectives.
  • Implement best practices for internal talent management and sourcing, as well as for the selection of external legal counsel and vendors.
  • Ensure the in-house legal team is not trying to be ‘all things to all people’ by providing reliable access to our portfolio of external legal specialists to undertake all other supportive legal work with an emphasis upon the quality and value.
  • Identify and invest in new technology platforms to improve and automate in-house legal processes, as well as to deliver quality legal services quickly and economically.


Our Flexible Solution

Our specialist portfolio of lawyers can work with your business on-site or on a virtual (on-call) basis via a range of flexible financial models where our lawyers work as part of your team. For example, they may –

  • Cover a maternity leave or alleviate additional workloads
  • Provide day-to-day ad-hoc legal advice across the business
  • Negotiate and draft diverse commercial agreements including cross-border and international agreements
  • Draft and update terms of business
  • Provide corporate advice including due diligence and M&As
  • Review and advise on compliance and risk management
  • Review and advise on data protection
  • Handle dispute resolution and litigation matters
  • Manage external counsel
  • Liaise with external regulators
  • Manage the intellectual property portfolio
  • Manage special projects
  • Conduct a legal audit
  • Review and advise on business development and procurement
  • Review and advise on HR and employment issues
  • Provide Company Secretarial support

A core benefit of working with us is that we can combine the commercial and flexible approach of an in-house lawyer with the solid support and quality essence of a proficient legal services company.