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LegalRoad has a portfolio of contract lawyers specialising in housing, commercial, business, and personal contract. We understand how important a contract is and we will ensure your objectives are achieved and that you are well protected within the agreement. We have successfully assisted many companies, businesses, and private individuals in the drafting of their contracts and to defend their rights via mediation, ADR, and civil actions. It’s not surprising Legal Road has become the preferred choice for all contract matters.

Bespoke Business Agreements And Commercial Contracts

Our lawyers are proficient in all types of professional contracts ranging from shareholders, directors to employee business agreements through to complex commercial contracts such as sale & purchase, services, distribution and production bonds. We understand that your commercial interests need to be secured and our contracts need to be tailored to reflect the objectives of the parties and simultaneously contain your risk. Our commercial contracts are specialised for the relative industries and consider regulated markets, as well as cross-border and foreign law implications.

Our lawyers are experienced. They know what to expect and quickly identify what is likely to be an issue to forewarn you and provide you with optimal solutions. We also bring together professionals from different practices and jurisdictions to help us to provide you with expert input on a matter. This may be at the negotiation, contract management or at dispute stage.

Our contractual experience includes –


  • Advertising and sponsorship agreements
  • Agency, distribution and franchise arrangements
  • Collaboration and joint venture agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Consultancy agreements
  • e-commerce agreements and terms
  • IP and content licences
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Outsourcing
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Terms and conditions for goods and services (supply and purchase)


Contract analysis and report

LegalRoad analyses your contract and provides you with a fallibility report. We assess the terms & conditions to affirm the performance of the obligations is suitable for you. We also consider your bargaining position to potentially boost your interests under the contract. In short, we scrutinise your agreement to clarify –

  • Who is to do what?
  • Where, how and when will the contract be performed?
  • The timescales
  • When and how is payment to be made?
  • What safeguards are there if payment is late or not made?
  • How will disputes be dealt with to avoid civil action?
  • Future obligations are in line with the changing nature of business
  • All the required standard clauses have been included?
  • All bespoke clauses based upon the contract objectives have been addressed?
  • If any further clauses are required for safeguarding you under the agreement?
  • The terminology used in the contract is valid, accurate and easy to understand
  • The contract is fit for purpose
  • The agreement is in line with the law


Redrafting your existing contract

Following our contract analysis, we assist clients to redraft their existing agreement as per our report recommendations to address any agreed changes within the contract and to develop your agreement in line with your objectives.

Drafting your contract from scratch

LegalRoad’s bespoke contracting drafting Gold Solution is planned to match your unique
requirements. This professional service provides clients with peace of mind knowing we assess each and every clause to facilitate your objectives and sustain your interests under the contract. Covenant clauses may also consider new and innovative product offerings, IP & technology usage and deliveries as well as timings & payment issues.


Negotiating your contract between the parties

LegalRoad offers a bespoke contract negotiation service. This is particularly supportive to clients
seeking peace of mind for the protection of their interests particularly when the other party is
more powerful and may have a lawyer. LegalRoad can sit in on your negotiations as your
right-hand man. We can substantiate your bargaining power and address your concerns for a
fair and reasonable outcome. Our Gold Solution is designed to minimise your legal risks and to
ultimately produce a cost-effective outcome by avoiding potential party disputes and
litigation down the road. Our costings are based upon pre-meeting briefing, attendance and
advice at the meeting and a report of the meeting. Costs exclude travel and disbursements and
any contract drafting.

Dealing with contract disputes

LegalRoad’s contract dispute service provides an appropriately qualified lawyer to undertake all
dispute negotiations on behalf of the client. Our Gold Solution enables the client to be directly
removed from negotiations where a direct attachment to the contract may hinder a mutually
acceptable outcome. Most parties want to avoid going to court. The experience is time
consuming, expensive, emotionally draining and does not always deliver the desired outcome.
Instead, we can step in on your behalf by endeavouring to pragmatically and realistically resolve
the dispute and avoid litigation. Our costings are based upon pre-meeting briefing, attendance
and advice at the meeting and a report of the meeting. Costs exclude travel and disbursements
and any contract drafting.


We are a trusted strategic legal business adviser

Our Legal Outsourcing Services offer businesses access to a multifaceted portfolio of expert business & corporate legal consultants who can be ‘parachuted’ into your company, as and when needed and on an onsite or virtual basis, to assist with all your legal, business, operational and compliance matters.

All our consultants are qualified lawyers with profound corporate, small-to-medium enterprise (SME) and start-up experience.

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“… We had a very positive and successful experience. The staff were very competent and gave us lots of time and attention. Our dispute was sorted in a short space of time and very successfully…”

Catherine Ledwidge - DTE Manufacturing Ltd
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Definitely recommend, very happy with the support and the outcome
“…I would definitely recommend them and am very glad I came across them…They really do put a lot of attention and care into your case. The communication is very clear, you are kept up to date with the development but yet not bombarded with emails; when there is a time for you to make a decision you get clearly laid out options with their pros and cons plus they are always happy to provide you with more information, if needed...”

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"...If you need Legal advice and professional representation Legal Road provided it for us…In a time of need they gave us, Advice, Support, Guidance right until the end, every step of the way..."

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Great service
“...Great service, great communication. Highly recommend...”

Sean Paperheadin
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