about us

Our portfolio of legal consultants includes qualified solicitors for England & Wales, New Zealand and Australia.

Our lawyers have substantial international commercial and corporate experience in emerging and developing markets, including the UK, US, EMEA, India and China, and across diverse industries including telecom, technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, life sciences, defence and aerospace, automotive, energy, construction and government.

We focus on legal expertise and business innovation

LegalRoad is legal services company. With offices in the UK and France, We are a virtual cloud computing legal company providing clients with a range of legal services explicitly focusing on UK law and EU law.

UK & pan european presence

Our head office in Surrey, Greater London, assists clients across the UK while our French office, located on the Riviera in the Côte d’Azur, services clients throughout France and Western Europe. Our Anglo-French positioning with our online nucleus of lawyers specifically assists both British and European companies and citizens with expert advice for their bespoke legal requirements.

We can assist with all your Legal Outsourcing requirements as well as any matters relating to Brexit. If this would be helpful, please do get in touch.


collaborating in a global environment

Our Legal Outsourcing Services is a collaborative approach between our legal consultants and your business to address the traditional business imperatives as well as the complex and evolving global environment to assist you with –
  • the retaining of existing customers & finding new ones
  • to hire the best talent
  • strengthen intersections between the law & technology
  • manage costs to help your business to become future-ready
  • compile a ‘legal disruptive report’ to create synergy between your workforce, business strategy and disruptors. Find out more


Our Flexible Solution

Our specialist portfolio of lawyers can work with your business ‘on-site’ or on a virtual (on-call) secondment basis via a range of flexible financial models.

On-site, our lawyers work as part of your team where for example, they may cover a maternity leave or add an extra in-house team member to alleviate additional workload.

Whilst our virtual model provides your business with immediate access to our efficient portfolio of offsite lawyers to assist when a project or matter for various reasons may not be accomplished in-house and where our lawyers have the expertise, time and tools to do it right.

A core benefit of using our Legal Outsourcing Services is that we can combine the commercial and flexible approach of an in-house lawyer with the solid support and quality essence of a proficient Legal Services Company.